10 . Which types of medications are used ?

Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for Dravet syndrome. The treatments only have an effect on seizures, which are just a symptom of this syndrome. Treatments are generally a combination of several types of medications tending to reduce the number of seizures and their severity. Generally, the first prescribed drugs are called antiepileptic drugs.

Usually the treatment does not subdue all the seizures. The doctor will try the best medications for your child, based on their clinical efficacy, also taking into consideration the occurrence of side effects. Keep in mind that it often takes time to find the best combination, and it may evolve according to the disease’s manifestations.

Your child will probably be prescribed a combination of two or three antiepileptic drugs. It is usual in patients with Dravet syndrome. All initiation, change or modification of antiepileptic treatment must only be made with the approval of your child’s doctor. Regardless of the type of drug used, polytherapy is frequently associated with fatigue and drowsiness. If a better seizure control is achieved, some side effects can be tolerated. If side effects are observed without any change in the seizures frequency or severity, you should get back to the doctor.

In addition to the routine treatment, a “rescue” drug is usually prescribed in order to stop particularly long seizures (longer than 5 minutes) that could lead to admissions to intensive care units.

Dravet syndrome associated disorders, such as hyperactivity, attention deficits, sleep or behaviour disorders may also need to be medically dealt with. The doctor will tell you about all the available therapies.


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